Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

animal love

When an animal looks like it's morning. You can pretty much take for granted some sort of love.

I say animals know love similar to our love.

Bird species that spend their life time with a single partner like a parrot or Swan. When one of them dies it is not uncommon for the the other to die of grieve.

Killer whales, Chimpanzees, Dolphins all seem to very upset when their mate or calf dies.

In humans love is just as animal like. You never choose to fall in love it just happens or not at all.


  1. Tough to say if animals actually love as we define it, however they definitely show tons of emotion!

  2. Good blog, made me reminiscent about my dog.

  3. I love watching nature shows about animals that keep their mate for life. It is very touching. We have a pair of ducks that comes to our pond every year to raise their ducklings. It's lovely. Nice blog. Following.

  4. Love is a very strange thing. Nice blog.

  5. Agree with you and Jarf, love is so strange sometimes. Great post mate, following.

  6. It's tough to define human love - let alone compare it to that of another species, i think we can be sure it's a complected collection of emotions which are very much subjective to the individual, any animal feels on some level, more complected organisms like us and other primates and mammals probably feel in a very similar way.